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future of co-working

 the problem

Conferences work at best, trough a face-to-face situation. Especially in the pandemic situation - nothing was more sought after then a normal conversation, with its full authenticity. Even in times before the pandemic, billions of euros were spent for buisiness flights, to enable face-to-face-meetings. Next to the money-factor, there is the enviromental factor - and this one is even worse.
our approach

With this project, we wanted to provide the next evolutionary step, in the topic of conferences /
co-working. With the help of AR-Glasses, and depth-sensing cameras, we created a futuristic scenario, were authentic face-to-face conferences / co-working 
are possible, without the negative aspects mentioned in the first paragraph.

My parts included: Research, Illustration, Concept, Video.


become an expert

To be able to provide a plausible futuristic concept, in the first step we needed to become experts in the field of co-working, teleconferences, and the technologies of now & the future.

video telephony

Trough the research, we realized the importance of video telephony. It is one of the most essential part for meetings and co-working in the digital room. Nowadays, communication is there, but it is still not feeling close to reality. 


part one

To make the daily work routine in the present of the user tangible & raise awareness about the problems of our topic, we illustrated a userstory.
click through the story


four segments

For the above listed problem, we developed a futuristic solution.

- HoloKit -

From technical point of view, it is a combination of depth-sensor, 3D-mic, and a camera. HoloKit consists out of four segments - 1 segment, for one wall. The output is a 3D-Livestream, that is streamed to AR-Glasses. This allows to speak in a holographic manner - Online conferences / co-working are now more authentic then ever before.

closed package

open package

*Userstory with HoloKit

part two

In the second part of the userstory, the daily working routine is shown, with our product.

click through the story


close to reality

To point out the closeness to reality of this project, we created a prototype. We were able to generate a 3D-Video. Unfortunately, due to the limitation of a semester, we werent able to optimize more, and work out the streaming to VR / AR-Glasses.


3rd semester / Invention 1
Project has been accompanied by:

Prof. Jörg Beck
Team consisted of:

Robin Bork
Maximilian Härle
Paul Schänzlin

Robin David Bork
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