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Non-human device

 the goal

Goal of the four weeks project, was to create a completely opposite, of the usual human-machine interface, possible to call it “alien-interface”.

The Video shows off the interaction with the “alien-interface”, and how it reacts to the user: through color, sound, and its form.
our approach

For the interface, we used Leap Motion (hand motion as input). The Leap Motion unit was placed on a podium - this podium played the role as physicial manifestation of the “alien-interface”, in our world. The podium was made of the same form, scaling smaller, with a twist, from bottom  to the top.

My parts included: Research, Podium, UX, Videoset

*Making of


2nd semester / Fundamentals in 3D
Workshop has been accompanied by:

Prof. Dr. Franklin Hernández-Castro
Team consisted of:

Robin Bork
Corinna Hirt
Paul Schänzlin
Jona Maletic
Maximilian Walther

Robin David Bork
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